Facebook apps

So this post is really an experiment. I’m hoping that when I post this, I will see a link show up on my Facebook feed. If that works, I may have successfully integrated Facebook with this blog.

The crazy thing is that, of course, there’s really no coding involved with this process. It’s something that someone else has coded and built beautiful, user-friendly wrappers around nifty APIs and I’m just taking advantage of others’ work. My friend Trina has had this integration in her blog for well over a year – and it took me all this time to figure it out.

But, hey, I figured it out… Or I’m hoping I will see that I figured it out when I actually post this.

So enough of empty typing. Let’s see if this works, shall we?

(moments later…)


Successful Facebook post.

Yes, I run Facebook inside an incognito window. That’s just the way I roll.

The problem is that I now need to get the app to post as my Swingleton page, rather than me. But I feel the biggest hurdle is crossed, the rest is just minutia.

What a good way to get the day rolling.

Another WordPress site

I finally got around to updating www.lawrencemountainbikeclub.org with a new design and moved it over to WordPress.

I’m not ashamed to admit that a big hurdle for me was my existing PHP code for allowing people to join the club via our PayPal account. I loathed the idea of having to create some kind of custom page with hard-coded links, styled to look like it was a regular WordPress page.

As it turns out, WordPress is amazingly intuitive about allowing me to add some comment lines to the top of a template page, and then have that template be an option on the default “Add New Page” entry screen. Instead of feeling like a complete hack, integrating my existing code – and even a separate MySQL database – with a WordPress template worked so smoothly, it almost felt like this was the way it was supposed to be – that it wasn’t a kludge-y hack.

Not to bash too hard on Drupal, but nothing with Drupal has ever felt nearly so logical and effortless. I guess I just have to say that I am extremely fortunate that I’ve not had to deal with such complex sites that Drupal offered the only real solution. And when I do cross that threshold, I hope my intuition wakes up and sees the Drupal solution with the same clarity!

(A big hat-tip to Themeid.com for their Responsive WordPress Theme. Thank you!)